Met Life Auto Features Include Identity Theft Protection

Met Life Auto Among Top 10 Best Liked Insurers

Met Life Auto Among Top 10 Best Liked InsurersAlthough Met Life Auto traces its roots to the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company founded in 1868 to benefit Civil War veterans, the Met Life Auto & Home division underwriting insurance policies for automobiles was not launched until 1972. With slightly over 2 million policies written for passenger automobiles in 2012, it ranks as the 14th largest automobile insurer in the U.S. with a 1.23 market share. It is also one of the top ten best liked insurance carriers as ranked by J.D. Power & Associates based on its pricing policies, the products offered and level of service provided by its call centers. It offers auto insurance products in all 50 U.S. States as well as the District of Columbia.

Met Life Auto Insurance Discounts

Holders of basic Met Life liability and collision coverage policies automatically receive its Auto Advantage features. These include a Deductible Savings Benefit for drivers with a consistent good driving record, enhanced rental car damage coverage, full replacement coverage for total losses and full replacement cost for major parts, discounts for having multiple policies, and credits and discounts for safe driving history. Met Life also rewards young drivers with good student discounts up to 15% and offers parents a free “Teaching Your Teen to Drive” brochure.

Drivers who successfully complete a Defensive Driving course earn up to 7% discount off premium rates, and up to 20% discount for being accident claim and violation free for at least the past five years. There is a $50 credit applied toward a deductible for each year the driver stays accident free, up to a maximum of $250. Having both auto and other insurance policies through MetLife qualifies for a 10% discount. Policies can be issued on a semi-annual or annual basis, with flexible payment options including installment payments via bank check, online credit card payment or automatic bank transfer. Glass and towing claims can be filed online or through a toll-free number operating 24/7 365 days a year.

Met Life’s Identity-Theft Resolution Services

MetLife is the first nationwide automobile insurance provider to offer identity-theft resolution services as a free benefit to its policy holders. Since 2010, Met Life has also offered a GrandProtect Plan in most states which combines, home, auto, valuables, boat and RV coverage into one comprehensive package. This results in the policy holder having only one bill to pay with one deductible for all provided coverages, making the coverage not only comprehensive, but also at rates much lower than they would be if each policy was secured individually.

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