Tips for Buying Auto Insurance for Off Road Vehicles

More and more families as well as young people are discovering the fun that comes with owning an Off-Road Vehicle (ORV), an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) that can travel rugged back country terrain. Operating Off Road Vehicles, whether they be dirt bikes, snowmobiles, dune buggies, golf carts or sport and utility ATVs, does, however, carry risk of injury that requires specialized off-road vehicle insurance coverage. Full coverage for off road vehicles averages less than $200, which is a fraction of what auto insurance coverage costs. ORV insurance tends to be much less than auto insurance because the vehicle’s value is much lower and medical payments are usually capped at $10,000.

Important Coverages

In most cases the same insurance company that insures your passenger automobile or your home is capable of providing off road vehicle drivers with the kind of insurance coverage that will give them increased peace of mind whenever they take off for another off the beaten path adventure. And just like a regular auto insurance policy that takes into consideration specific needs, off road vehicle insurance can be tailored to the needs of the ORV driver.

Auto Insurance for Off Road VehiclesWhen obtaining an insurance quote, it’s important to consider if you want your policy to include a number of important features and coverage limits. Most Off Road Vehicle owners want an annual policy that also covers their vehicle during off seasons when they may not be riding as much or have their vehicle in storage. Medical payments coverage is one of the most important features to include since it covers treatment for injuries sustained as a result of an off-road accident. Liability coverage is required by most states in order to protect third parties who may sustain damage or injuries as a result of an off-road vehicle accident and can prevent the ORV rider from facing multiple lawsuits if they are at fault for causing an off road accident. Collision coverage is an option that helps to repair your vehicle should it be damaged by another off-road vehicle or a collision with a boulder, tree or other stationary object. The Other than Collision optional coverage offers even more protection by paying your claim should your ORV sustain damage from fire, flood or vandalism.

The safety apparel you wear while riding in off road terrain can represent a major investment and one good insurance option is Safety Apparel Coverage to pay for its repair or replacement if damaged. Trailer Coverage and Optional Equipment Coverage covers those extras added to your vehicle such as tow trailers and sleds or even the trailer designed to transport your ORV to wildnerness areas.

Insurance Savings

You can spend more money having fun on off road adventures rather than spending it on insurance premiums if you take an ORV Safety Course which qualifies you for a rate discount. Insuring your home or other vehicle with the same insurance company as your ORV can also represent significant savings as can insuring multiple off road vehicles with the same company. The age of the ORV driver and his driving record along with the type of ORV being insured, whether high horsepowered or utility, will also influence how much you will pay for Off Road Vehicle insurance.

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